If a picture is worth a thousand words, perhaps a video is worth a thousand photos?  To fully appreciate any bird, it is ideal to observe it engaged in typical behavior in its natural habitat, vocalizing traditional songs and calls, and immersed with other species in its native environment.

Wings In Nature (WIN) is undertaking an ambitious project – Birds In Motion – with the goal of creating a video anthology featuring every bird species that breeds in the United States and Canada.  The WIN video production team is working daily to  produce a short HD video sequence of each of the 750-plus species in the ABA area.

Each video sequence depicts one particular species in various habitats, seasons, and regions where it would likely be observed by birders.  Most sequences feature both male and female birds of different ages, displaying the corresponding plumages.  Great effort is being taken to capture representative behaviors, such as feeding, preening, calling, singing, flying, swimming, nest building, courting, and/or nurturing young.

Designed to be an ongoing project, new sequences will be added to the Birds In Motion collection and existing sequences will be updated on a regular basis.  The intent is for Birds In Motion to evolve as a tangible, contemporary depiction of the North American birding ecosystem.

To read more about the origins of Birds in Motion and BJ Worth’s Journey, check out the Behind the Scenes page!

Meet the Hearts and Minds Behind Birds in Motion

BJ Worth

Project Director, Lead Videographer

Joshua Covill

Naturalist, Videographer, Lead Editor

Before he was ten years old, Josh was identifying birds and recording their behavior, calls, songs, and habitats to memory. With his parents’ encouragement and Dan Casey’s tutelage, he became a highly respected birder at an early age. Josh became active in the birding community and attended the ABA’s Young Birder’s Conference at 15. Before entering high school, he was leading birding walks in the Flathead Valley for the local Audubon chapter.

Josh’s uncanny gift for identifying birds in the field is coupled with his natural ability to convey birding skills to others in a reserved manner that elicits effective learning in the field. While his experience centers around birds, Josh is also a keen naturalist. He enjoys finding reptiles and amphibians just as much as the next bird, and will seek to photograph unique wildlife with the same passion. Every animal in an ecosystem is just as interesting and captivating as the most spectacular bird.

Josh’s ultimate goal is to pursue his passion for birds and birding via higher education. In the meantime, he is developing his wildlife photography and video editing skills by working on WIN’s various multi-media bird-related projects and guiding bird walks and tours as WIN’s Chief Naturalist.

Josh is currently a member of Montana’s Bird Records Committee, and serves as the eBird reviewer for Lake and Sanders County. Josh is goal oriented, and is currently focused on submitting photos of a maximum number of species with his eBird check lists.

Sara Worth

Technology Director

Growing up outside of Glacier Park, Sara was instilled with a love of nature from an early age. She remembers many happy summers hiking and camping with her father BJ in the woods around the Flathead Valley. These days, Sara enjoys exploring the outdoors with her own daughter and sharing her appreciation of Mother Earth with the next generation.

Sara has been fascinated by all things digital since she was old enough to reach a keyboard. Over the years she has gained experience in various technical fields, including audio and video production, database design, and website administration. She was thrilled to come on board the WIN team to apply her varied experience in media and technology toward a cause that supports wildlife and the environment.

Sara is currently pursuing a degree in Software Development at Champlain College, as well as taking classes at Flathead Valley Community College. Her other passions include producing electronic music and supporting local music festivals.

Bruce Tannehill

Field Recorder

Bruce is a retired high school science teacher who has been on the board and active in Flathead Audubon for more than 15 years. One of his major interests is nature sound recording. He is the author of the Western Montana Bird Songs CD sold by Flathead Audubon.